Friday, 1 February 2013

Hijab Style For Round Face

Hijab Style Round Face
Hijab style for round face

Hijab Style For FAce Shape

Hijab tips for round face
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Women with round faces should not wear undercaps/underscarves/bonnets that are pulled down over their forehead as it shortens a round face incredibly. Round faces need length, so if you do wear an undercap you need have it hidden. I have a round face and I always make my hijab start at the very beginning of my hairline - try it, it will make use of the length you have. By doing this and by also framing the scarf close over the cheekbone area of your face, you can create the illusion of an oval shape.

Round faces should also avoid the Egyptian/Spanish hijab styles that expose the neck, especially if you have a double chin or chubby face in general (no matter what your face shape). It doesn't flatter at all and just makes you look like a fatty turtle head as it puts the focus straight on any chunkiness you have in that area. These styles only really look good on people who have a slender neck. Short necked people in general should stay away from this particular style as well.

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  1. Caftan and amanis is worn by a lot of people all over the glob as well as a lot of cultures and it is very long that it reaches up to the ankles of the one that is wearing it.


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