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Hijab Tutorial

Hijab tutorial
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Large model or form of hijab is sometimes make our own confused in selecting it. But do not forget to choose a model that fits our needs and our face shape. At the same time adapt to how to wear hijab creations that we want.

If you choose direct wear hijab, it is usually more simple and concise, but notice the size of the hole for the face/face. Usually, the size of all hijab standards but there were also made smaller there are even greater.

Actually it is not difficult to wear the hijab, especially now that a lot of options that we can wear the hijab. Assorted scarf can be worn to school, to work, party, and others. Do not worry, it is now a lot of how to wear hijab creations that can add a beautiful appearance.

Here's how to wear hijab creations are practical and in accordance with syar'i (close the genitals):
  • Prepare hijab bonnet and two rectangular scarf. The color can be the same, it could be different depending on our desires. It's just try to match the color of clothes to wear.
  • Prepare a small safety pin/hijab pin.
  • As a base hijab, plug hijab bonnet first. There are many kinds of hijab bonnet, the model can be plain, from t-shirts and satin material. hijab bonnet function is to hold the hair does not look/out and to hold the scarf/veil in order to more firmly attached.
  • The next one is how to wear hijab with hijab square. as usual, first fold the square was formerly the veil into a triangle, then plug one end of the veil in the direction of the neck (binding): inglourious pinned.
  • Attach the second square scarf, in the same way, over the first veil. The tail of the first veil lifted up and given a second hijab pin.
  • The remainder of the end of the second hijab is what will be shaped flowers. How gyre and forms the tip veil and flowers pinned to pin each completed set up. Do it until the end of the scarf out.

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Well, not too hard right how to wear this hijab style? You can try this hijab tutorial yourself at home. But, if you want a more practical model is actually a lot of scarf-shaped like these are sold in the form of so-ready to use.

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