Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How To Wear a Hijab Fashionably

Wearing hijab has become an art form to many women, and beautiful fashions have arisen from its tradition. Many women seek a balance between modesty and fashion.

Hijab Tutorial: How To Wear a Hijab Fashionably

1. Pick a colorful headscarf. They come in all colors and patterns, allowing for you to coordinate your hijab with your outfit. Also consider your face's shape and color to choose a scarf that best compliments you.

2. Research different ways to wear your headscarf. Consider your lifestyle and your tradition's laws, as well as the particular occasion for which you're dressing. If you're an active woman, you may want to consider the Amira hijab, which you won't lose while playing sports. A Kuwaiti hijab can be worn for a more formal occasion. Different cultures also have different styles with which you can experiment. For example, Egyptian Muslims have developed their own unique version of the hijab.

3. Try newer fashions. It's becoming popular, for example, for young women to wear a square hijab and braid three corners. This method may require a second scarf to cover the back of your neck and your shoulders.

4. Pin your headscarf with embellished pins. You can find ones that appear jeweled, or have butterflies, flowers or some other object on them.

5. Choose jewelry that accents your headscarf and clothes. Consider long strands of beads or chains with large pendants with a long and flowing outfit. Bangles and rings can also add the finishing touch to your hijab.

  • Try matching your hijab to the seasons for an extra dimension.
  • Browsing online galleries of Muslim fashion is an excellent way to get more ideas if you find yourself in a rut.
  • In some cultures, a woman is forbidden to embellish or draw attention to herself. Make sure that your culture or figures of authority permit this before attempting to do so.
  • Some religious authorities feel that certain fashions are getting away from the purpose of a hijab and disrespectful of the concept. If you are unsure of a fashion, seek the advice of an authoritative figure in your religion before attempting the fashion.

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