Wednesday, 22 February 2012

How to Wear a Hijab: Indonesian Hiijab Style

The hijab is common in Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim country. However, within Indonesia, the hijab is undergoing a transformation. Previously, the hijab was associated with dark, solid colors, its primary objective to conceal the appearance. The new style of the hijab in Indonesia, however, is more colorful, form-fitting and incorporates different fabrics, such as linen, satin and denim simultaneously. In order to wear a hijab Indonesian style, combine various colors, patterns and textures into the typical hijab attire.

How to Wear a Hijab Indonesian Style

1. Put on a headscarf that covers your entire head, as well as the bottom of the chin. It can be a bright color. Another way to wear a hijab Indonesian style is to wear two or three headscarves, with one slightly overlapping the other. The headscarves should all be different colors.

2. Wear a long, loose dress with long sleeves. The concept of the hijab style is to entirely cover the body. However, the Indonesian style incorporates many different fabric textures and patterns into the hijab dress. For example, the dress may have thick layered lace on the sleeves and at the middle of the dress, but thin silk everywhere else. Contrasting colors highlight the beauty of the attire, while still preserving the style of the hijab.

3. Wear long, loose pants. One of the new innovations of the hijab Indonesian style incorporates shorter loose dresses with long, loose pants. This is an alternative to the traditional long, loose dress. The pants should be a solid color, so that they will not distract from the hijab dress, which has many colors, patterns and fabric textures.

4. Put a vest over the long, loose hijab dress or over the shorter dress. The Indonesian style incorporates vests into the hijab attire in order to provide variety. The vest should not be form-fitting and should be of a different color than the hijab dress.

5. Wear black sandals with high heels to add elegance to the hijab attire. Also, the black color of the sandals will compliment the hijab, rather than clash with it.

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