Monday, 20 February 2012

How To Wear a Hijab Without Pins

Hijab Tutorial: How To Wear a Hijab Without Pins

1. Stand in front of a mirror. Place the scarf on your head, making sure it covers half your forehead. One side of the scarf should be longer than the other.

2. Move both sides of the scarf back so they cover your ears and join them at the nape of your neck by twining them together. Alternatively you can knot the two sides at the base of the neck to keep your scarf in place.

3. Bring the two sides of the scarf back to the front, ensuring the sides are smooth and not crinkled.

4. Take the short side of the scarf across your chest and drape it over the opposite shoulder.

5. Bring the longer side of the scarf under your chin, across your ear, and over your head to the opposite ear.

6. Tuck the loose end of the scarf under your chin. You may need to adjust it slightly and smooth out any creases.

There are various ways to wear the hijab. You might wish to begin with the basic style, then experiment with others.

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