Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How To Wear a Square Hijab

With the global market's enormous variety of fabric and texture, hijab is now a chic accessory for self-expression as well as a modest covering. Wearing hijab in a non-traditional way adds excitement to any outfit, creating a seamless, fashionable look. Wearing the hijab requires a specific sequence of folds which are very simple once you know the routine and steps involved.

Hijab Tutorial: How To Tie a Square Hijab Scarf

The first style:
  • Fold scarf into 2 triangles with one triangle smaller that the other (if you have a smaller scarf)
  • Place scarf on head with one side longer than the other and secure with a pin under your chin
  • Take longer side and bring it to the other side and secure with a brooch or a pin
  • This was done using a 34"x34" square scarf from my collection
  • If you want more neck area coverage you can use a 40"x40" scarf
How To Wear a Square Hijab How To Wear a Square Hijab

The second style:
  • Start by wearing an underscarf and a turtleneck for neck coverage or a full underscarf (displayed here) that covers the neck area.
  • Tie the scarf in half to make 2 equal sized triangles and place on head.
  • Tie behind your ears just like a bandana
  • This was done using a 34"x34" square scarf but can be done with small or larger scarves.
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