Monday, 27 February 2012

How to Wear Turkish Hijab

A hijab is a head covering worn by Muslim women. Though technically referring specifically to this type of veil, the term hijab is often used to refer to the style of dress of Muslim women in general. When referred to in the Koran, hijab speaks not of a physical veil, but rather of a spiritual one, a curtain by which ones privacy is protected. Though the purpose of wearing a hijab is modesty, religious sanctity, and morality, all sense of fashion is not lost. There are many ways a hijab can be worn and no one way is correct (See Resources for other methods), but Turkish women have some of the more unique and admired styles of wearing it. Using a brightly colored scarf made from polyester or silk over a decorated bonnet cap, this style is easy to accomplish.

Turkish Hijab Tutorial:

1. Form the hair into a high bun and place a bonnet cap on your head, holding the bun in place.

2. Fold your hijab or scarf into a triangle.

3. Place the crease of the folded hijab at the top of your forehead, with the open end of the hijab trailing down your back and the two corners hanging over your shoulders.

4. Pull the hijab together tightly under the chin and pin the two sides in place.

5. Cross the corners of the hijab in the front, bringing wrapping around the neck and underneath the open end.

6. Tie the corner ends together behind the neck, keeping them tight around the neck.

Note: Though orthodox Muslim women may stick to solid colors and less flashy hijabs, the women of Turkey do not sacrifice style in their head dressings. Choose scarves that are fashionable and showcase your personal style. Try out different styles of hijab and find one that suits you best. There are several hijab style blogs that offer alternative ways to wear a hijab.

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