Sunday, 26 February 2012

How To Wrap Hijab Styles

Used to cover the hair and, in some cases, the face as well, hijabs are the required dress of Islamic women to provide modesty. There are certain religious requirements when tying and wearing a hijab, but once those are met, women can alter the style of hijab-tying to meet their own preferences.

Traditional Wrap-Around

Wearing a hijab in a traditional wrap-around is a more conservative yet easy way to wrap and secure your hijab. Worn with a turtleneck shirt or an underscarf, it provides sufficient coverage around your head, back and neck area. The hijab should be tied securely but hang loose on the body for maximum comfort.

Braided Style

A braided style is a more elaborate and fun way to wear a hijab. The hijab is tied securely to the head to cover the hair, much like a tightly-fitted do-rag, but with two scarves. The scarf ends hang down and are braided together to create what appears to be a beautiful fabric-braid along the side of the head. Because this style doesn't cover the neck or chin area, you would need a turtleneck top or underscarf.

Side Wrap

Wearing a hijab in a side wrap is another flattering and chic way of wearing your hijab wrap. This style also provides great coverage for the entirety of the hair. In this style, it fits tightly like a do-rag, much like the braided style hijab wrap. The difference is that it is formed with only one scarf or wrap and the ends are pulled over to one side to hang down in decoration. Because this style doesn't cover the neck or chin area, you would need a turtleneck top or underscarf.

Tight Traditional Wrap Around

Worn with an underscarf or turtleneck top, the tight traditional wrap around is much like the traditional wrap around except that it fights tightly to the bottom of the face, under the chin, instead of hanging loose. Because it does fit tightly under the chin, you might not need an underscarf, unless the scarf isn't large enough. This style can be tied with a regular long rectangular scarf or a square scarf.

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