Saturday, 25 February 2012

How To Wrap a Hijab

A hijab scarf is a large piece of fabric which conceals a Muslim woman's head and upper torso. While wearing hijab is based on the Quran, with most Muslims considering hijab compulsory, Muslim women find ways to wrap a hijab scarf to make the veil more stylish.

How To Wrap Hijab:

1. Fold a hijab scarf diagonally. Fold the scarf in about three-fourths. Place the scarf evenly over the top of your head with the point hanging down the middle of your back. The folded edge should cover your hair line. Secure both sides of the scarf with a pin beneath your chin. Lift the left edge of the scarf, draping it across to your right side and behind your head. Pin the edge in place at the crown of your head. Pin the right corner to the scarf on your left side.

2. Wrap your hijab with the Two-Sided Flop method. The website Madiha's Hijab Styles and Wraps describes the process. Pull your hair back into a short ponytail or into a bun if your hair is long. Hold a scarf with the left side longer than the other. Holding the scarf lengthwise, fold about four inches over. Drape the scarf over your head with the fold at the front and about an inch below your hairline. The right side of the scarf will only be long enough to wrap around your bun or ponytail. Pull the long end of the scarf across and around your neck. Tie both ends at the nape of your neck. There should be only about four inches of one side of the scarf loose in the back. Fan out the remaining fabric and wrap it around your bun. Fold the fabric around and under your hair. Pin in place beneath your bun.

3. Drape a scarf over your head. Pin one side at the front to the shoulder of a blouse or dress. Pick up the remaining end, pulling it across your neck to your cheek. Use a favorite pin to hold in place to the section of scarf already draped on your head.

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