Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kuwaiti Hijab

The Kuwaiti hijab, sometimes called the "Mona hijab" is a simple, ready-to-wear hijab that consists of a tube-like under-bonnet that slips on the head and only requires wrapping and pinning of the attached shayla scarf. The simplicity of wear makes the Kuwaiti hijab an ideal choice for busy and/or young Muslim women.

kuwaiti hijab mona hijab
Kuwaiti Hijab, image source:

How To Wear Kuwaiti Hijab

1. Secure your hair as usual for the wearing of a hijab.

2. Slip the tube under-bonnet onto your head with the small peak piece at the top front of your head and the body of the shayla at one side of your chin.

3. Wrap the shayla beneath your chin and over your head to the opposite side of your neck. Tug the under-bonnet and shayla into place, ensuring it covers your hair and drapes as desired.

4. Pin into place with a hijab pin.

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