Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Simple Hijab Tutorial

Hijabs can be elegant and beautiful. Although there are many ways to wear the hijab, the following instructions are for one of the most simple and widely used hijab styles.

1. Place a large scarf, shawl or pashmina (about 4 feet in length) over the top of your head. Leave one side hanging longer than the other.

2. Hold the front ends of the scarf level with your neck and pull them together behind your neck until they meet.

3. Without letting go of the two edges of the scarf, use a safety pin to connect them snugly yet comfortably behind your neck.

4. Taking hold of the end of the longer side of the scarf, wrap it under your chin and then over your head, flipping the rest of it to the other side of your head so that it hangs just past shoulder level.

5. Connect the part of the scarf that you have brought over the top of the head to the part of the scarf that is wrapped around the neck using a pin.

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