Friday, 24 February 2012

Trendy Ways Wear Hijab

How to Wear the Hijab in Trendy Ways:

1. Firmly place the middle of the underscarf at your hairline. Hold the hanging ends together at the base of the neck and tie in a single knot; the ends will lie on top of each other, appearing as a single tail.

2. Place the middle of the scarf on the hairline, slightly in front of the underscarf. Hold the ends apart behind your head and cross them under the tail of the underscarf, tying a knot directly over the underscarf knot. This knot will make two tails from the scarf, on each side of the single-tailed underscarf.

3. Braid all three tails together until 3 inches of unbraided fabric remain. Fasten the braid with an elastic hair tie wrapped around the base, 3 inches up.

4. Wrap the remaining 3 inches of the underscarf around the hair tie once, completely concealing it. Tuck the remaining tail of the underscarf underneath the wrapped bit, firmly wedging it under the elastic band. You now have two short, colorful pieces of scarf hanging below the braid, with the underscarf creating an elegant silhouette over the band.

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